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Lion Safari In India

Lion Safari in India is an exciting option for the wildlife aficionados. The king of Jungle roams around within its defined territory with a confidence that eludes human beings. The animal inspires tremendous awe in its onlookers. The eyes that inspect the animal's body and attitude cannot help admiring the royalty that graces every movement of this animal. The power that associates itself with this majestic animal is also visible in the lifestyle of the society. In the earlier times, a fight with a lion was the final test for the power, capability and more correctly leadership quality of a person. Later with the world becoming more sophisticated and civilised, this association with lion became more symbolic. It is difficult to forget that the lion was used as a symbol of strength by the very famous King Ashoka. Even today, the same illustration has gained the status of National Emblem.

The lions that are found in the India are the very famous Asiatic Lions. Infact, there is just one park in India where tourists can enjoy this rare species. The Asiatic Lions are not found in any other country. Though the Asiatic lion is not as big as its African counterparts, still it commands respect with its imposing looks. The Asiatic lions have a less developed mane, however, their elbow tufts are thicker and tail tuft are longer than there bretherns in Africa.

The number of lions in India had fallen drastically due to hunting and poaching. However, with government waking up at the right time, a check was put in place to avoid any further killing of this treasured animal. It was actually brought under the list of 13 protected animals of the country by the government. Today, the number of lions have increased considerable in the country to reach a respectable 240.

Lion Safari in India are carried out on either a jeep or on the back of an elephant. Both these methods of viewing the gorgeous animal have their own merits and demerits. Elephant safari are a slow paced journey to lookout for the King of Jungle, nonetheless it is considered the most exciting of all. Also it is much safer. As far as jeep safari is concerned, it is a much faster way and is perfectly suitable for all those person who just cannot wait to watch the lion.

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