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Elephant Safari In India

Elephants have, since long, been associated with the royal grandeur of the Indian Kings. The majestic animal reminds of those glorious days when the kings went around their kingdom to monitor the progress of their people, or lead the way of the army to defend their motherland from foreign aggressors. In both cases, the elephants were decorated to match the style and status of the king. The elephant was a symbol of power and authority that the king wielded over his people.

Today, the royalty has vanished, nonetheless the charm of elephant rides still remains. Adults and children are alike in their liking for an elephant ride. In the Wildlife Parks and Sanctuaries of the country, Elephant Safari has become a major source of attraction. It is possible to cover a huge area of the park sitting on the back of the elephant. Elephants take tourists deep into the park where it is not possible to take even a jeep. The undulating landscape of the parks and sanctuaries can be best covered by an elephant.

It is often pointed out that elephant safari is a slow journey and thus takes much longer time to cover a certain distance. Though this is true, yet it also facilitates a detailed viewing of the surrounding areas. For a tourist sitting on the back of an elephant, it is possible to click a photograph much easily than it is for a tourist on a jeep. Moreover, an Elephant Safari is considered the safest way to see the big cats like Tigers, Leopard and Lions.

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