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Camel Safari in India

Camel Safari is one of the most exotic ways to explore the wildlife of the desert region of India. Camel, the 'ship of the desert' is regularly seen in these arid regions ferrying both humans and goods from one destination to the other. Where other means of transportation, like horses and small cars, fail, there the camel makes its presence and importance felt.

In India, parts of the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat are arid and fall in the category of desert region. Still, they are home to famous wildlife sanctuaries of the country. Camel Safari in these parks is an excellent means to uncover the exotic flora and fauna of the region. Though, it is a fact that camel safari can be a tiring and backbreaking experience for those who are not accustomed to it, yet it can also be one of the most unique experience of their life, for the movement of this humpbacked animal is distinct and interesting. The slow and swaying camels give ample amount of time to its riders, who can observe its surroundings thoroughly. Moreover, sighting of exotic animals and birds from the top of the camel is truly an amazing and unforgettable experience.

There are few important things that tourists need to keep in mind before embarking on a camel safari trip in India. A proper planning is the pre-requisite of a successful trip. Therefore, bookings and reservations need to be made well in advance so as to avoid last minute confusion and hassels. After conforming their trip reservations, the next thing that tourists must remember to do is to pack certain precautionary items. They have to realize that they are travelling into a desert region which can be terrible for them if they do not carry things that suit the weather of the region. A pair of sunglasses and sunscreen lotion are of paramount importance to save the eyes and skin from burning. Equally important are light cotton clothes that allow air to enter the body as well as a suitable pair of shoes. However, what is most important for the tourists to carry is sufficient quantity of water so that they do not spend a tortuous journey dying of thirst.

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