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Marine Life

With vast stretches of ocean water dominating the coastline and numerous streams, rivers and lakes cutting across the country, the marine life in India is bound to be an exciting thing to watch out for. Tourists from far off flock to India in large numbers to view the fascinating under water world. This world is completely different from the world, in which we as human beings live. It is one radiant and vibrant world inhabited by dazzling denizens. No doubt, it is always a pleasure to watch this world or simply its residents.

Marine life can be viewed in two ways. The first method entails a person to take a plunge into the water and explore the deep world himself. This is a far more interesting and adventurous option than the second one (as discussed later), because it gives you an opportunity to see the world as it is viz., without any human interference. The fishes, sea turtles, dolphins and various other living being go about in their usual manner without acknowledging the presence of any intruder. The second method is preferred by those people who do not wish to jump into the water but still want to enjoy the marine life. These people too have ample opportunity to stay outside and seek the pleasure of seeing the exotic inhabitants of the water.

For those interested in seeing the marine life right under the water, snorkelling and scuba diving are just the perfect option. There are many location in India where these adventure activities can be enjoyed. However, if tourists wish to stay overland, angling and fishing are the right choice. In India, opportunities for all these activities are immense. However, places where angling and fishing can be enjoyed far exceeds the places where snorkelling and diving can be enjoyed. The reason for this is quiet simple - the area covered by rivers, streams and lakes across the country is far more than the areas that have coastline. Anyways, disregarding the number of places available, the fact remains that enjoyment experienced at each of these places is simply outstanding and unforgettable.

Major Sites for Marine Life in India

For Snorkeling and Diving

Andaman &Nicobar Islands - An archipelago of 572 islands, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, together are a precious jewel of India. The mystic beauty of the land is simply divine. The water of Andamans hold within itself a terrific world with colourful fishes and exceptional coral reefs. These can be enjoyed by tourists by means of snorkelling and diving in the water. For diving, there is the Scuba Diving Society situated at Wandoors, while for snorkelling Andaman Water Sports Complex, Corbyn's Cove Tourism Complex, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Havelock and other islands are just perfect.

Lakshwdeep - The Bangaram Island in Lakshwdeep is open for tourists to enjoy water sports like swimming and snorkelling. This island is completely uninhabited apart from a lone resort that houses the incoming guests. The island is surrounded by lagoons which is 10 km long and 6 km wide. Glass bottom boats are also available here for those who wish to enjoy the marine life without getting wet. Scope for angling and fishing is also immense.

For Angling and Fishing

Corbett National Park - Stretching along the banks of river Ramganga, the Corbett National Park is a delight for the lovers of angling and fishing. The famous fish Masheer, that weighs around 45 kgs, is found in aplenty in the waters of river Ramganga. There is also another river, Kosi, where angling and fishing can be extremely exciting.

Periyar National Park - The Periyar National Park is the pride of south India, as far as wildlife is concerned. With Lake Periyar occupying the central portion of the park, the marine life viewing becomes much more easier. Angling is an exciting option for tourists.

Tirthan Valley - Located in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Tirthan valley is a delight for anglers and fishers. The freshwater houses many varieties of trouts which can be caught by the anglers.

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