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Angling & Fishing in India

With a vast stretch of coast line and numerous rivers, streams & lakes flowing through the country, India presents excellent opportunity for the anglers. From big to small, all kinds of prey can be caught depending on the luck of the anglers. The water houses a large number of fishes that are a delight for the anglers.

Two of the most important catch for anglers in India are Masheer and Trout. Masheer are known for the fierce resistance they present when caught. The weight of the Masheer is also great with over 100 pounds (more than 45 kgs), hence the force of resistance is also tremendously enhanced. The catchers have to be extremely alert so as to prevent any untoward incident. Great skills and strong determination along with a physical strength are the fundamental requirement for catchers.

As for trouts, they are found abundantly in fresh waters of the rivers and lakes. Skill and intelligence are excessively important for fishing the trout.

As per Indian laws, angling in India needs to be carried out and enjoyed keeping in mind the conservation of the marine life simultaneously. It is mandatory for anglers to leave the fish back into the water after having caught, weighed and photographed it. This is little disappointing for some people, however, adventure activity cannot be enjoyed at the expense of conservation efforts.

In India, there are many places to enjoy angling and fishing activity, and tours are also arranged especially keeping in mind such interests. Since all the major cities of India are located on the banks of rivers, there is also no need to search a great deal for an angling destination.

Major Sites for Angling and Fishing in India

Himachal Pradesh - Himachal Pradesh is one of the prime destination for anglers in India. With river and streams like Beas, Sutlej, Ravi, Tirthan, Sainj, Uhl, Baspa, Pabar, Lambadug, Giri, Rana, Nugal Gai, Baner and Bata, there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy angling in the state. Specific sites include Rohru, Barot, Aut, Patlikuhl, Katrain, Raison and Largi and Nadaun. These are just a few names and many more sites are also there for tourists to indulge in this adventurous activity. Both trouts and Masheer can be found in the waters of Himachal Pradesh. The trout season of the state is from April to October while for Masheer, it is first from January to April and then again from September to December.

Assam - The Jia Bhoroli river has, since a long time, been the major place for anglers. The Golden Masheer is found abundantly here. A seasonal camp at Potasha, around 2 hours drive from Tezpur, is a wonderful place to enjoy fishing. However, tourists can also base at the tourists bungalow of the government or at the lodges of Tezpur. The angling season extends from October to April. Apart from the Jia Bhoroli, the Kapili and the Manas river also provide ample opportunity for angling.

Arunachal Pradesh - Arunachal Pradesh is yet another destination where tourists can enjoy angling and fishing. There are numerous sites in the state where Masheer and trout can be caught. Some of the most popular angling sites in Arunachal include Yingkiong, Pasighat, Bodak, Siom, and Boleng.

Karnataka - The Cauvery river flows through the state and is an excellent place to indulge in angling activity. There is also a Cauvery Nature and Fishing Camp which offers excellent opportunities to catch a Masheer in the waters of the mighty Cauvery. The best time to visit the camp is between the months of November to June.

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